Since this is our first season we haven’t actually handed any of these out.  We will though as the season progresses… patches and stickers will be handed out as they are earned.  Each race the Winner and Skunk trophies will change hands, then at the end of the season the winner and skunk using our points system will keep the trophies.  The other awards will be given out at our end of season party.


Trophies as of 2.1.09

Race Stickers

Race Winner

Race Winner

Race Completed

Race Completed


13 Races

23 Races

Collateral Damage

Upside-Down Club


One Year of Service

End of Season Awards

Best Crash

Awarded to the driver that wrecks the best during a race. Number of flips, amount of broken car, damage to self and property should be weighed in for this decision.

Lack of self-preservation award (biggest balls)

Given to the driver that consistently exhibits a blatant disregard for their life and continued well being during the race.

Biggest shit talker

Given to the driver that talks the most crap during the course of the season, a highly sought after accolade.

Biggest whiner

Awarded to the driver that complains the most.

Excuses not to race

Given to the driver that missed the most races or after a bad wreck made them scarce on the track. Sleeping in, hung over, wrestling with sexuality, dog ate my soapbox car, threatened with divorce; we’ve heard em all. Shut up and race.

Coolest car

The car that looks the best or has the highest level of craftsmanship should get this award.

What happened?

Given to the driver that talked all this crap about how they were going to bring some bad-ass car and rule the circuit leaving all you punks in the dust, but it never happened, did it? You wound up at the back of the pack holding your brake or you kept wrecking or your car kept breaking. What happened?

Perfect attendance

Given to drivers that completed every race.

Danger to self and others

This esteemed accolade is given to the driver that crashes the most often or their erratic driving skills has put more cars on the side of the road than anyone else.

Smelliest driver

Given to the driver that is the most unwashed or has worn an article of clothing to the point of putrescence.

Biggest cheat

Given to the driver that employs the most dirty tricks and underhanded cheating, we salute you.


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