Wagon Trail Incomplete!

So this months race was a complete disaster. Not quiet, ” another successful run for the history books.” Or something like that. We had three carts show up, and a couple spectators. We ran out to the start of the race, unloaded and were greeted by the fun police. The fun police was armed with a 6-shooter, I guess this dork thought he was a cowboy or something. He stated, ” it was cute the other day, but its not any more. If you don’t pack it up I’m calling the police” so. Two carts were packed up. Some discussion was being made about moving down the road. Sean decided to run it. Then we salvaged what we could at Del Valle.
1st – sean
2nd -joe
3rd- no show billie


3 Responses to Wagon Trail Incomplete!

  1. Brad says:

    bummer about the race. Next month should be better.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Fuck yes it will!!! Stay tuned for the ever growing list of upcoming races!!!

  3. Carolyn (Corr' says:

    oh CRAP……..

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