Midnight Run Complete!

One more succesful race for the record books! This was our first night trophy run, and it was our biggest turn out so far. We had another first for this race, there was no card pull for position. Just 11 cars wide across the street and 11 grown men running as fast as they can to get in their cars… Yup our first Le Mans style start which was a great addition to the race I think. Our finish was a little hairy too since we came upon a fire truck en route to a call which messed up the finish order a bit, but racing is racing.

1. Ceppie
2. Dan
3. Johnny


20 Responses to Midnight Run Complete!

  1. Johnny says:

    3rd was me but I guess I’m a question mark

  2. Jeremy says:

    You’re not a question mark, you’re a bitch!

  3. Jeremy says:

    But, you’re not a bitch.

  4. spazevedo says:

    I was wine-ing like a bitch. and ur correct sir, racing is racing.

  5. spazevedo says:

    oh. ill put my video up minus the bitch part so i can keep some of my manhood…thanks

  6. Jeremy says:

    Keep your manhood? Janelle gave it back?

  7. spazevedo says:

    Wow! thanks Dick!

  8. Seans Balls says:

    HELP HELP!!! Ive been stuck in this jar on top of Janelle’s Fridge for years! I need some fresh air, look at me, Im turning blue!

  9. Jeremy says:

    It’s okay seans balls, shell let you out to race next month.

  10. jeremy's leg vagina says:

    Jeremy is a bitch. And has a small penis. He has to verbally abuse people to make him self feel better.

  11. Jeremy says:

    It’s really not to make me feel better, it’s primarily due tithe fact that I’m an asshole. It’s cause your mom won’t cuddle with me after, it really upsets me.

  12. spazevedo says:

    Why are you talking to ur leg vagina?

  13. Jeremy says:

    I think my vagina is using your blackberry to post, it has the same ip adress?

  14. spazevedo says:

    How do my balls look on ur phone? There really not that big. I hear the camera adds 10lbs.

  15. cabbie says:

    I should say that my “seans balls” comment has really opened up the flow of communication. Talk it out guys, its healthy to have arguments in a relationship.

  16. cabbie says:

    Did you sit in some gum?

  17. Jeremy says:

    I think he did a big hairy wad of bubble gum.

  18. Brad says:

    I can’t wait to forward this to my mother.

  19. Seans Balls says:

    Just when I had a picture on the internet to prove my freedom, Seans girl had to regrip and get my picture taken down. Does anyone have pride in the hairy bean bag that is me?

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