May 09 Race – Salamander Slalom

Cor Hauls ass

Update: First video of the race is up

LVISBF May race. This race pretty much defined racing rain or shine. The road was f-ed up.

As we all made our way to the meeting place, the roads were dry and the clouds were holding, every driver was hoping for the best. The rain broke the instant I exited the freeway, and I knew the course was gonna be soaked.

Once the troops were rallied and the cards were drawn, we caravaned to the top of the course. Drivers were contemplating their sanity as they considered two things. Firstly, this is one of the fastest courses yet. Second it was pissing rain.

With caution tossed aside like a used tampon we lined up and the count was called. Brakes were released and the race began.

During the race I attempted to draft some of the other cars, but that resulted in me getting sprayed with some tasty road tea. (A little on the gritty side, but cool and refreshing none the less.) 

The race claimed one car, and everyone else made it down. Here are the semi offical results:

 1) Ceppie (again)
2) Matt
3) Jeremy
4) Corrigan
5) Rich
6) Brad
7) Sean DNF


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