Racing The Pass

Top of the Pass

Race Results:

  1. Matt
  2. Ceppie
  3. Johnny
  4. Dan
  5. Jeremy
  6. Corrigan
  7. DNF Joe

Flickr Gallery

So… Wow… what a day.  We had a total of 7 for our trophy run this month, and 6 pulled it out for race completed stickers.  Afterwards we decide to race the other side of the pass which we hadnt had much luck with before.  Ceppie encouraged us to give it a try though.  It ended up being a much more exciting run.  Well at that point we hadnt quite had enough so we ventured out for a new untested course in the hills of Sunol.  On our way up the hill we were all quite nervous.

Going up Deadmans Ditch

We were nervous for good reason.

Crash Victim

In the end after two runs we have three new members of the upside down club, four blown out tires, two blown out wheels, and one kart in need of a significant rebuild.  In all everyone made it through the day safe.  A few rasberries, and one banged up calf were the only injuries.


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